Saturday, August 1, 2009

End of step one

After 2 months it was time to step on the scale and see the results of my simple diet. For those just tuning in, I devised a diet based on cutting calories and tried to lose 15 pounds in two months (starting at 225). I also added extremely moderate exercise that included walking about two miles a day and a morning exercise routine that can be charitably described as a warm up.

What was the result? A slightly better than expected 208. That is 17 pounds in 2 months with no radical change in behaviour. Anyone that has been on a diet or two knows the progress went. The first ten pounds came off quick. The next five took about the same amount of time. Then nothing for a week and then the last two in the final week.

The lesson is that simple calorie counting can be a great way to start a diet and can be effective if you have just a few pounds to lose. I was surprised how quickly my body adapted to the change. The added exercise was not much but it did stimulate my metabolism. I actually felt like exercising more. By the last couple weeks, I started feeling hungry all the time. This tells me I'm going to need to change my eating habits if I'm going to continue losing weight.

What is next? I still want to lose 13 pounds more and my fat percentage is much higher than I like. I'm going to need to increase exercise and calorie intake. I'm still working on how I'm going to do that. I set Halloween as my new goal. Once I see 195, I'll start working on that fat percentage.


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