Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Conococheague Aqueduct

Starting over in Williamsport

Start Mile: 99.5
End Mile: 101
Time: 50 minutes
When: Morning

Directions: Where route 11 crosses the Potomac is Williamsport. Right off of 11 is a visitor's center with plenty of parking.

This was my first trip to the river after my foot surgery. My wife and I wanted to get out of the house as the weather finally improved. We decided to go to Williamsport and see how high the water had risen after the week's storms.

The water at the basin didn’t seem that high, but the Potomac had come up enough to cover some of the ground around the soccer fields. We walked across the top of the aqueduct so we could see across the river.

Conococheague Creek had risen a bit too. There was quite a bit of debris flowing into the Potomac. This is a good spot to fish from shore. The side of the aqueduct was broken out in 1920 by a canal boat. The repairs were temporary as the side is missing now.

This is also the place where the Confederates retreated across the Potomac after the battle of Gettysburg.

As we headed west on the tow path, we could see that the water in the canal was still frozen. This section of the canal is over grown.

Mile marker 101 is not far from the parking lot. Buck had to be convinced to sit for a picture. He wanted to mark the mile post as well as every tree.

The power lines are near Jordan Junction. We turned around here. With the trees so think around the canal, the power line right of way provides a good view of the West Virginia side of the river.

Williamsport is a step back in time. Route 11 runs though the center of town on its way to West Virginia from Hagerstown. Once you are south of the interchange with I81, there are interesting older houses on both sides. Night life is nonexistent so come early and enjoy a small town day.


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