Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Fort Frederick

Getting to Big Pool

Start Mile: 112
End Mile: 112.5
Time: 50 minutes
When: Evening

Directions: From Williamsport, take MD 68 to MD 56. Make a left on MD 56 and follow it to Four Locks Road. There are several one-lane bridges on MD 56. The entrance to Fort Frederick is a left off of 56. There is plenty of parking. Make the first left for the road to the canal or go straight to park near the attractions.

It has been a while since we were able to get to the river so when I had a break this afternoon, we jumped in the truck and headed for Fort Frederick. This is a big place so it will take a while to explore.

There was some type of traffic tie up that had Route 11 and Interstate 81 tied up. Without another way over the river, we cooled out heels for a half hour. Eventually, we made it to Williamsport and slipped through the back roads to escape.

There is a gift shop near the entrance to the fort. It was closed by the time we got there.

The C&O Canal crosses the road through the State Park. This is a popular bicycle spot. A couple horses were ahead of us today.

Big Pool is a natural basin. It was used to turn canal boats when that was needed but now it is popular for fishing.

There is a small launch ramp in the State Park. This is as close to a lake as you get in this part of Maryland.

The water on the river side is a bit less inviting.

We spotted a couple of Canadian Geese. Buck is not sure what to do with them. On one hand, he hates water. On the other, he likes fowl. What's a dog to do?

At this point we caught up to the horses. They were doing what horses do so we turned around and headed home.