Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Yogi Bear

Charles Mill to Four Locks

Start Mile: 109
End Mile: 108
Time: 1 Hour
When: Evening 3/14/06

Directions: From Williamsport, take MD 68 to MD 56. Make a left on MD 56 and follow it to Four Locks Road. There are several one-lane bridges on MD 56. Follow Four Locks Road to the signs for the boat ramp. There are several one-lane tunnels on Four Locks Road. There is parking and portable toilets at the boat ramp.

It was another stress filled day at the bit mines so we took off a few minutes before the 5 o’clock whistle blew. I don't know what made me pick this section for a walk. Maybe all of the stone work yesterday put me in the mood for the cool tunnels you have to drive through to get here.

It cooled off a lot since yesterday. There were no boats launching for some after work fishing. This is a nice launch facility if you don't mind the tunnels. There are nice picnic areas with grilles.

There are a lot of cool old structures at Four Locks. I think this was the old feed store.

I don't know what this large house is, but I love the stone work.

This was the lock house. One lock house was used for all four locks.

No tour of Four Locks is complete without seeing the locks. They head west starting with Lock 47.

Lock 48.

Lock 49.

Lock 50.

As you head east from Four Locks, there are rock formations to your left. They rise and fall quickly and you don't notice them much when there are leaves on the trees.

On the West Virginia side is Yogi Bear recreational area. It seems to stretch for miles. I'd like to know who named it.

Off the path a bit just before mile 108 is the ruins of Charles Mill. There are some private homes beyond the mill.

We turned back after mile 108. It was getting colder and darker so we picked up the pace. It was good to get back to the truck.



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