Monday, March 20, 2006

Lock 44

Lockwood Road to the Cushwa Basin

Start Mile: 99
End Mile: 99.6
Time: 50 minutes
When: Evening 3/20/06

Directions: Route 11 to Williamsport. Take 68 east. Just before I-81, turn right onto Lockwood Road. Turn right at the storage units. There is not a parking area but there is room for about 4 cars before you get to the power plant.

I just wasn't feeling the love at work today and I was ready for a break by five. I had a lot to do so a quick walk at Williamsport was all we could get in. I chose to park at Lockwood Road to avoid the visitor center.

There is always a lot of water in the canal at Williamsport. There were several sets of ducks around today but this particular pair seemed to pace us as we headed west.

Lock 44 is a substantial structure with a bridge going across it to an alternative parking area.

This lock house sits between Lock 44 and the power plant.

The R Paul Smith Power Station is a coal fired steam turbine electrical generation facility. It towers over the lock pulling water from the river and burning trucked in coal.

River View Cemetery sits on the Williamsport side of the canal. There is a temporary bridge across the canal to the road running past it.

The Bollman Bridge is being rebuilt again. This bridge was first built in the 1870s. I don't know how many times it was repaired. Heavy vehicles towing boats to the launch ramp did it in.

My favorite railroad bridge on the canal is this lift bridge that used to allow coal to be hauled to the power station. It is designed to lift out of the way of the canal. Very Rube Goldberg.

Route 11 crosses the Potomac River at River Park in Williams Port.

The buildings of the Cushwa Basin are restored.


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