Saturday, February 4, 2006

East of Williamsport

Cumberland Valley Railroad bridge to Lockwood Road

Start Mile: 99
End Mile: 97.3
Time: 1 hour
When: Afternoon 2/4/06

Directions: Route 11 to Williamsport. Take 68 east. Just before I-81, turn right onto Lockwood Road. Turn right at the storage units. There is not a parking area but there is room for about 4 cars before you get to the power plant.

It was raining all morning so when we caught a break around 2:30 I figured we should go get some exercise. Buck had been napping before we left and was pretty lethargic at the start of the walk.

This walk starts out in the shade of some large trees by the entrance to the power plant. After heading east for about a 1/8th mile there is a clearing for the power lines. Beyond that is the I-81 Bridge. Buck is generally freaked out by the cars passing overhead.

There were several squirrels out today. Through most of the woods you could find them on the ground. Despite the debris in the water, there were several ducks and geese floating around.

I thought we would spot another place to access the towpath at the old railroad bridge but I could not see a road from the canal. I'll have to do some digging so that we will not have too long a walk to cover the unexplored part of the path.


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