Sunday, January 1, 2006

Spring Dell Road

Lock 42 to Opequon Campsite

Start Mile: 89
End Mile: 90.8
Time: 1.5 hours
When: Morning 1/1/06

Directions:Take MD 68 east out of Williamsport. Branch off onto MD 63 east. Take a left onto Falling Waters Road. Make a left onto Neck Road and another left onto Dellinger. Make a right onto Spring Dell Road. There is a sign for the detour but there is no parking. I found a clearing off of Spring Dell Road but it was muddy.

To get to the canal you need to walk past an old farm. It appears that some form of repair work is being dome but the place looked abandoned. There is a sign for detour where you rejoin the path. It says not to proceed east. I wanted to go back to where we were the day before so we walked about an 1/8th mile to where we found the deer carcass. On the way a blue heron took off from the water bank. Buck stopped in his tracks at the sight of this huge bird. I don't think we registered to the bird.

Once my curiosity was satisfied, we turned west and walked the path to the Opequon Campsite. The path was fine if a bit muddy. I was lagging a bit and Buck ended up dragging me on the way back.

We saw a few trees that were chewed on by beavers. I suspect Buck picked up on their scent a few times but none were to be seen.


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