Saturday, January 14, 2006

Shanktown Road

McCoy's Ferry to Fort Frederick

Start Mile: 111.5
End Mile: 110.2
Time: 1 1/2 hours
When: Morning, 1/14/06

Directions: From Green Castle, PA, take 11 south to 63. Take 63 south to 40. 40 west through Clear Spring and make a left onto Boyd Road. Take Boyd until it ends at MD 56. Take 56 west and make a left on Shanktown Road. There is no parking but you can park along the tracks of the Western Maryland Railroad. Make sure to leave enough room for a train. These tracks are not abandonded.

I would not advise getting to the path this way. Shanktown Road runs along the border of Fort Frederick State Park and I was curious about the area. There is no access to the Tow Path here. We had to walk across a fallen tree to cross the canal. It was fine entering, but it turned icy on the way out and Buck was more interested in chasing deer than carefully crossing the canal.

The walk to the canal demonstrated how out of control the deer population is in this area. There are droppings everywhere (including on our makeshift bridge). It was impossible to walk a hundred yards without disturbing a deer. There were several carcasses near the tracks where they were obviously struck by trains.

This is a good part of the canal to walk. I would recommend starting back at McCoy's Ferry and heading to the park. It was snowing when we arrived having tuned form hail to rain to snow. The wind was harsh and I didn't want to be out in it long so we just walked up to McCoy's Ferry and back.

The Park Police and the DNR were writing up the driver of a Ford pickup that was towing a boat. I assume he forgot to get a new license with the New Year (note to self, get a new fishing license). The Park Police Officer asked if I was camping in the park. When I replied that I wasn't, he went back to concentrating on the truck's driver.

Buck took an interest in Green Spring Run on our way back. If it was nicer I would have liked to spend more time there. I've never been up to the where the furnace was. It should be easy to find off of 56 but I have not looked for it.


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