Sunday, January 1, 2006

Meet Buck

Introducing a small dog with a big traveling bone.

We first met Buck at the Frederick County Animal Control Center in September of 05. We were looking for a puppy for my wife and a family with a little girl was eyeing the only one there. Not wanting to make a little girl cry, we started looking at the adult dogs. We immediately fell for Buck and he became a member of our family the next day.

The first morning in our house, Buck woke me at 6 AM. We wandered the neighborhood for an hour starting our morning and evening routine. It quickly became apparent that Buck had a need to explore and wanted to see the world. We loaded him into the back seat of the truck and headed for the C&O Canal towpath.

We are not sure about much of Buck's life before he came to live with us. We know that his original owner gave him up about eight months before we got him. A family in Martinsburg with small children then adopted him. That family had to move to a more urban location so they returned him to the Animal Control Center. I'd like to know who trained him. He is an extremely well behaved dog with a sweet disposition.


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