Sunday, January 1, 2006

McMahon's Mill

Avis Mill Road to Galloway's Bluff Road

Start Mile: 88
End Mile: 89
Time: 1.5 hours
When: Morning 12/31/05

Directions: Take MD 68 east out of Williamsport. Branch off onto MD 63 east. Take a left onto Falling Waters Road. Make a left onto Neck Road and another left onto Dellinger. Make a right onto Avis Mill Road. There is a small parking area at the bottom of the hill. The parking area is muddy.

The path starts out in good shape as you walk past the mill. It does not appear the park service is going to do much with it. There are plenty of caves along the path but I'm not interested in exploring any of them. Buck thinks I'm being overly catious and tried to drag me toward them. Being bigger, I win.

The path quickly becomes muddy. There is a path up to Galloway's Bluff Road. It is steep but we climbed up to admire the view. We also walked part of the road to see where it meets Mobile Road.

We continued on until we found a deer carcass. I figured it would be good to keep Buck away from it and this would make a good landmark.

When we got back to the Mill, some fishermen had taken up position on the river bank. I regretted not bringing a pole and using my liscense one last time in 2005.


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