Sunday, January 8, 2006

Gift Road

Western Maryland Railroad Spur across from Nestle Quarry

Start Mile: 103
End Mile: 105
Time: 2.2 hours
When: Morning 1/8/06

We took MD 56 to Dam #5 Road south. At Gift Road we turned left. There are a line of nice country homes here. Gift Road gets narrow and becomes gravel. There is a parking area where it ends at the park but it is hidden. I ended up parking off the side of the road because I didn't know about the parking area.

This was a nice walk. We back tracked a couple hundred yards to get to mile marker 103 and then turned around and followed the trail to mile 105. Buck was eager to walk the 4 miles and was ready for more when it was time to go.

There was a lot to see for us here as we own property on the WV side near mile 105. There is also the abandoned piers leading across the river. There are many small islands in the river here.

There was not much wildlife out today. The beaver activity near Williamsport was not evident on this stretch.


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